Commercial Licence Provider in THE UAE


Starting a business in the UAE requires a commercial license that allows an entity to operate and engage in financial dealings. This type of license is necessary for the majority of businesses and it’s required before you start operating, whether at a small scale by selling goods or services to customers directly or through an agent, wholesale or retail.

To get your license the first step is to select the name of your business. It’s possible that the term you’re considering has previously been registered. A competent company set up consultant can perform a search for you and see whether the name is available. You may then continue to establish your business under this trade name. This stage also necessitates the assistance of a professional who may prepare the Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association and have them registered with the relevant authorities.

The next stage is to acquire a commercial trade license for your firm. The costs differ depending on the number of commercial activities permitted in the commercial trade license for your company and on the type of business.


The ideal business setup consultant takes into account your demands and the needs of your company while advising you on its formation. At Express PRO, we collaborate closely with our in-house legal team to ensure that your whole business setup process is carried out with full transparency and legality. Because we recognize that the minor details make up the larger picture, we pay great attention to detail. Even beyond your business setup we continue to help you on your journey by providing low-cost bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing services. As a result, you may concentrate on what you do best: running your own business.