Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) Free Zone Company Setup

Since its inception in 2017, Sharjah Media (Shams) has been quickly expanding to meet the needs of the region’s expanding media and creative industries. Shams, which aspires to be a world-class centre for innovative facilities and services, offers a broad variety of options for businesses looking to set up shop in the United Arab Emirates.
In addition to allowing enterprises in the media and creative industries to incorporate, Shams also offers a supportive environment for their development. This is accomplished by permitting the creation of corporations whose primary focus is on providing support and assistance to the media and creative industries. This dynamic of mutual assistance and support enables any enterprise operating inside the Shams-free zone to thrive and succeed.

Benefits of Company Formation in Shams Free Zone

Additionally, Shams is a free zone that offers extremely reasonable prices. It’s rather rare to find free zones that are both widely accessible and affordably renowned. Forming a business in the Shams free zone has several advantages. Here are a few examples:

Various Organizational Structures and Licenses in Shams

Shams allows the formation of companies with the following kinds of licenses:

Technical Services License

The licensing of services and consulting include the creation, reproduction, and dissemination of those services.

Trading License

A trading license lets businesses buy, sell, and ship items internationally. With this license, a business may provide both wholesale and retail sales of its products and services connected with those sales.

Industrial License

To let businesses create, reproduce, modify, and manufacture products, Shams issues an “industrial license.”

A corporation can engage in various commercial endeavours if it has one of the licenses listed above. Media, wholesale and retail, and services & consulting are the typical umbrella categories under which Shams classifies the many legal forms of economic activity.

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) has several Facilities

Sharjah Media City offers startups, established businesses and entrepreneurs several different workspace configurations, including shared desks, dedicated desks, and shared office space. SHAMS is attentive to the requirements and preferences of the local business community.

Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk is a workplace only used by your firm and housed in a co-working facility. You’ll have your desk and use the office’s Wi-Fi, printer, and conference room.

Shared Desk

A shared office space promotes teamwork and collaboration at SHAMS. For new businesses, this kind of setting is ideal, where they can network with others in their industry. Workspace sharing is a great way to encourage teamwork!

Dedicated Office

This office is intended for your company’s Shams-free zone operations. These offices are private, and when they are not utilized, they can be locked. There are a variety of seating options available in the dedicated workplace. Depending on the firm’s requirements, dedicated offices may just have a single desk or many group workstations. A dedicated office has preexisting Wi-Fi and printing equipment. The facility also features a shared conference space that business owners may use.

The Growth of Media Companies in Shams

Many business permits are available in the UAE’s many free zones. When deciding on a free zone, company owners think about the initial investment, the free zone’s reputation, and the zone’s primary purpose and aim. When a company’s goals and the interests of the free zone coincide, everyone wins. Many businesses have a hard time looking for a place like this. Intriguingly, the media industry has it easy.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to a dedicated free zone for establishing, maintaining, and expanding the media industry. The Shams Free Zone is the go-to location for entrepreneurs in the media industry to launch or grow their enterprises tax-free.

The following is a list of ways that the concentrated strategy of Shams Free Zone may help any media organization enhance their growth:

Establishing a Company in the Shams Free Zone

The procedures involved in launching a company are as follows:

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We are completely familiar with all of the procedures that must be followed to obtain clearance from the necessary authorities due to our staff’s extensive experience and professional expertise. At all stages, before, during, and after business registration in Shams, we will be here to help you meet all the legal criteria.

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