GET A 10-YEAR UAE GOLDEN VISA Expedite your stress-free UAE Golden Visa application process with the support of our experts and unlock exciting benefits such as long-term residency and 100% company ownership. CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY

BENEFITS ENJOY EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS FOR UAE GOLDEN VISA HOLDERS Live and work in Dubai, one of the top global business hubs with unequalled living and safety standards, pristine beaches and year-round sunshine.

Visa Validity

Long-term, renewable UAE residence valid for 10 years


No limit on the duration of stay outside the country


Self-sponsored visa, no sponsor or employer is required

Family Sponsorship

Sponsor your family members including your spouse and children of any age

Sponsor Domestic Helpers

Sponsor unlimited number of domestic helpers

100% Ownership

Own 100% of any business started and owned in the UAE



If an investor in a UAE-based startup can show that their company generates at least AED 1 million in yearly sales.


Golden Residence is available to real estate investors who purchase a property for at least AED 2 million.

Exceptional Talents

Those extraordinarily talented in the arts, sciences, and digital technology, sports, innovations, medicine, law, and other fields may qualify for the Golden Visa scheme.

Humanitarian Pioneers

The UAE government has stated that the new Golden Visa guidelines are also open to humanitarian pioneers.

Scientists and Professionals

It covers including but not limited to teaching, law, medicine, engineering, computer science, sociology, and many others.

Outstanding Students & Graduates

Graduates from the top 100 universities in the world and top-performing students from the United Arab Emirates’ secondary schools will be eligible.
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6 Steps to get your UAE Golden Visa The standard application processing time may take 2 to 4 weeks, subject to additional requirements.

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