Get a Construction License in Dubai, UAE Dubai has long been on the path of progress. The Emirate of Dubai's ambitious governmental leadership has been implementing advances in infrastructure to boost growth opportunities.
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Furthermore, the entrance of countless ex-pats on a daily basis seeking employment and entrepreneurship has accelerated Dubai’s growth. As a result, the need for commercial and residential building is increasing. Obtaining a construction license in Dubai and establishing a construction company in the emirate might be a wise investment.

A construction license in Dubai can provide you with a wealth of opportunities. It might assist you in breaking into the lucrative business of building construction in the emirate. Select Express PRO Business Setup Services to apply for the relevant license. Are you wondering how to start a construction company in Dubai? Our expertise will assist you in establishing a construction company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE to maximize your profits. Contact us immediately to discuss the development of a construction company in Dubai.

Why Start a Construction Company in Dubai?

Every business owner wants to maximize their profits. The first step to wealth is to establish the perfect business that will yield unparalleled outcomes. A construction company in Dubai can provide you with unrivaled opportunities for growth. We will assist you in establishing a firm in the most advantageous location for you in every way.

Construction and real estate development remain one of Dubai’s thriving industries. It also sees significant growth potential in 2023. Recognizing this factor, the emirate has seen a gradual increase in the entry of expatriate and resident developers and construction enterprises.

A construction firm license in Dubai will surely provide you with a plethora of opportunities. We can assist you with the entire process of establishing a business and securing business licenses for your Dubai construction company.

How can I start a construction company in Dubai and receive a Dubai Construction License?

A construction firm license in Dubai will surely provide you with a plethora of opportunities. We can assist you with the entire process of establishing a business and securing business licenses for your Dubai construction company.

Choose a Location

You can establish a construction company in either the Mainland or a Free Zone. Mainland Dubai company formation and Dubai free zone firm formation follow a set of rules and procedures. To finish the formalities, repeat the process. Contact us to learn more about these jurisdictions and their benefits and drawbacks.

Company Formation

Form your company in Dubai or any emirate of your choice. For company registration, the authorities will demand specific paperwork. Submit the application together with the necessary documentation. Obtain a permit to start a construction company in Dubai.

Employee Recruitment

Your organization must have adequately qualified engineers, architects, laborers, and other vital staff. Recruit qualified staff after receiving a permission. This is required before starting with the approval procedure.

G+1 Permit

The Dubai Municipality (DM) is in charge of providing the G+1 permit, which allows you to begin construction work in the zone.

Drainage and Irrigation Department Approval

You must acquire approval from the drainage and irrigation department because the construction work is closely tied to the environment and any poor design can have a negative impact on it. Before providing approval, the department will confirm your sewage and wastewater management.

Approval from Dubai Water and Electricity Department

Water and power are required whether you are developing office spaces, commercial structures, or residential enclaves. Obtain consent from the Dubai water and power departments.

Civil Defence Authority and Building Department Approvals

The building you construct must conform to fire and safety requirements, as well as an evacuation plan, fire protection/prevention systems, and other applicable restrictions. Following that, the civil defense authority and the building department will grant construction permits.

Documents Required

What Documents Are Required for a Construction in Dubai?


Application form


A copies of  your passport


A copy of shareholders passport


Your buisness plans


A copy of your signature


No objection certificate form your current employer (if applicable).

Types of Construction License in Dubai

You can apply for a construction license based on your area of expertise. In Dubai, various sorts of construction licenses are available. The procedure may differ slightly based on the license you seek.

Wrecking and Demolition License

Code – 451001
Dubai wants to remain a young city. It is continually replacing older structures with new structures that have ultramodern construction elements and wonderful architectural aspects. This needs the use of a trained wrecking and demolition company capable of destroying and removing historic buildings using current means. As a result, any other nearby structures avoid damage.

Building Contract License

Code – 452001
Through this license, the construction company in Dubai can bid on and construct residential structures. Industrial properties, commercial building, and office space in Dubai, among other things. The construction permit must be obtained from Dubai Municipality, which will specify the number of floors permitted and other details.

Steel Construction Contract

Code – 452008
The steel construction part requires a separate license. Firms planning to build prefabricated structures, such as structures and factories, must first obtain this license.

Building Maintenance License

Code - 454007
If you intend to perform building maintenance operations such as repair, renovation, and related tasks, you must obtain a building maintenance license.

Why Express PRO for Construction Business Setup in Dubai?

Express PRO can provide you with the best business setup services in Dubai. Since 2019, we have played an important role in the establishment and expansion of several successful businesses. Our pristine track record attests to our dependable and dependable services. Express PRO’s expert panel will provide additional information on how to start a construction firm in Dubai and will assist you in establishing your dream business in Dubai.

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ExpressPRO offers you with all of the tools you need to effectively form and register your business. The UAE is well-known for its ease of doing business. However, even a minor blunder could cause your plans to fall through. We will walk you through the full procedure to ensure that you have no problems. Throughout the process, we will provide you with the financial and legal guidance you require to help your firm succeed.


ExpressPRO will walk you through the whole business setup procedure from beginning to end. We have a one-of-a-kind staff of company setup experts, lawyers, and PRO executives who can help you with anything you need to make the business establishment process as simple as possible. We can truly do it all!


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Frequently Asked Questions On Construction License in Dubai

There are four types of construction licenses available:

  • Recovery and Demolition Permit (Code – 451001)
  • Building Contract License (Code – 452001)
  • Steel Construction Contract (Code – 452008)
  • Building Maintenance License (Code – 454007)

Yes. According to the revision to the business formation legislation, you can own 100% of the shares in a Dubai Mainland firm beginning on December 1, 2020. You also do not need a local Emirati sponsor.

Additional licenses are necessary, including those from the Drainage and Irrigation Department, Dubai Water and Electricity Department, Civil Defence Authority, and Building Department.

Yes, you can start a construction company in Dubai Free Zone also.