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Consultancy is a fast-growing business with many opportunities for growth. Dubai is a land of entrepreneurs and businesses.

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It has numerous business entities functioning in a wide range of business disciplines. One of the most significant types of assistance they want is advise on various topics and direction in certain areas. This is where a consulting firm comes in handy. A consultancy license in Dubai might help you in a variety of ways.

Obtaining a consultancy license in Dubai has excellent development potential. All you need is expertise or experienced individuals with a track record of success. Through quality consultancy services to organizations, you can develop goodwill and cement your name after you establish a consultancy business in Dubai.

Every ex-pat and resident must follow the prescribed procedure for obtaining a consultant license in Dubai/ UAE. It will comprise the submission of required documents, a correctly submitted application, and any relevant permissions. Express PRO firm Setup Services has been delivering the best expert assistance for establishing a consultancy firm in Dubai, including completing all necessary company registration processes.

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Benefits of Consultancy Business in Dubai

Dubai opens its arms and heart to entrepreneurs. As a result, the emirate saw a large number of ex-pats seeking to establish a business in the region. The number of businesses founded here is among the greatest in the world. In Dubai, businesses require additional assistance with a variety of business-related issues. A consultant or business consultancy can be of tremendous assistance to new business entities due to their extensive understanding of business criteria in Dubai.

As a result, it is a win-win situation for both the company and the consultancy. A consultation business in Dubai can expect numerous rewards. Here are a few examples:

Boundless Growth Prospects

Growth opportunities are directly proportionate to the number of enterprises accessible in a given region. Because the region already has multiple enterprises in operation. With various corporate organizations and individuals entering on a regular basis, a business consultant is extremely beneficial. As most new and current businesses require assistance in a variety of areas.

Diverse Field of Operation

Depending on your expertise and experience, you could work as a business consultant. Alternatively, hire specialists from other industries to provide advice on various business tasks. The endless choices bring color to this area of work. To maintain your credibility, stay up to date on changes in your target industry and advise clients accordingly.

Simple Set-Up Process

The process of establishing a consultancy business in Dubai is straightforward. If you are an expat new to the emirate, you may be confused by the procedure. You are welcome to contact us for assistance in establishing your business consultation organization in Dubai.

Operate on Your Wish

A full-time or part-time work in business consulting is possible. You could also consider being a freelance business consultant. Whatever the case may be, this line of work is fulfilling.

Documents Required

What Documents Are Required for a Consulting Business in Dubai?

The following documents must be submitted with the application for a consultancy license in Dubai:



Copy of Passport


Copy of Visa


– No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Current Employer (if required only)


Qualification Documents


Document of Experience in the Relevant Field



How to Obtain a Consulting Business License in Dubai

The basic process for obtaining a consultancy license in Dubai is similar to those of other license issuance processes. For your convenience, we have outlined the steps for obtaining a business license in Dubai.

1. Select the Business Activity

Decide your consultation field based on your experience with the professionals you intend to hire. It is recommended that you hire a business setup service to assist you from the start. The business setup services in Dubai will have a thorough understanding of the several possibilities available. They can also advise you on the finest solutions based on your capabilities and objectives. The advise will have a huge impact on making your company a significant participant in the field.

2. Register a Trading Name

If you are unfamiliar with Dubai's naming restrictions, it may appear to be a straightforward task. Yes, the authority has specified specific requirements for the business or commercial name. Names with political or religious connotations should be avoided. That is the most important aspect of name. There are also some other taboos. You can contact us for further information about registering a trading name and the names that are prohibited.

3. Submit the Application

In Dubai, you can apply for a business consultancy license. Don't forget to include any relevant paperwork and certificates proving your qualifications, identity, nationality, visa details, and place of residence, among other things. The authority is particular about document completeness. If necessary, consult with our professionals to cross-check your application. Alternatively, you can delegate the task of business establishment in Dubai to us. We will perform all actions as soon as possible so that you may start doing business on the land.

Why Express PRO for Consultancy Business License in Dubai?

Since 2019, Express PRO Business Setup Services has been mentoring various ex-pat and resident entrepreneurs. For more than two decades, we have been glad to contribute to the realization of many people’s business goals. Consider it your right hand for all business formation formalities. Our competent personnel, who are known for their dependability and commitment, will ensure that you have a productive experience in the world of business in Dubai.

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ExpressPRO offers you with all of the tools you need to form and register your business effectively. The UAE is well-known for its ease of doing business. However, even a minor blunder could cause your plans to fall through. We will walk you through the full procedure to ensure that you have no problems. Throughout the process, we will provide you with the financial and legal guidance you require to help your firm succeed.


ExpressPRO will walk you through the whole business setup procedure from beginning to end. We have a one-of-a-kind staff of company setup experts, lawyers, and PRO executives who can help you with anything you need to make the business establishment process as simple as possible. We can truly do it all!


Our services are distinctive. We customize our services to your specific business needs. We prioritize our clients, and it shows! When you engage with ExpressPRO, you are getting more than just someone to help you build your firm; you are also getting a company that will be there to provide crucial insights. throughout the life of your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Consultancy Business License in Dubai
You may contact us on +971 4 584 0955 We will progress the project from there.

The visionary leadership has amended the requirement of a local Emirati sponsor, who will hold 51% of shares. Presently, an ex-pat can start a business with 100% ownership. You may contact us to know more about this provision.

Dubai is an investor-friendly destination. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to form a company in this emirate. You must understand the company formation process in Dubai and have all of the necessary documentation. Then you may finish the setup process without difficulty.

You can submit the application along with the documents proving your identity and experience, obtain the business license, and start the consultancy business in Dubai. It’s an unfussy process and a rewarding business field.

The costs for a freelance permit, establishment card, and freelance visa are different. It is priced between AED 4960 and AED 6340. The fees are subject to fluctuate over time. You can contact us to find out what the current costs are.