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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to expand your business horizons within the UAE and beyond? Look no further than setting up a business setup in dubai mainland, a strategic move that offers a plethora of advantages to propel your business towards accelerated growth and establish a formidable presence in the local market.

A mainland company formation in dubai, licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the relevant Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, opens doors to endless possibilities. Whether you specialize in industrial, commercial, trading, professional, or tourism activities, a mainland company formation in Dubai grants you the freedom to pursue your chosen field. While certain professional activities may have specific regulations outlined by the DED, rest assured that our team at ExpressPRO will assist you in navigating any necessary approvals from relevant authorities.

With ExpressPRO by your side, the process of mainland company setup dubai becomes seamless and stress-free. Our expert team will guide you through every step, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maximizing your chances of success. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, unleashing the full potential of your business in the thriving landscape of Dubai.

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LLC Dubai

Dubai's LLC is the go-to business entity for investors and entrepreneurs seeking access to the entire Dubai market, despite the lengthy setup process, the resulting opportunities are vast and unparalleled.

Professional License

Dubai's market offers professionals an opportunity to excel by obtaining a straightforward professional license with few restrictions for individuals and civil companies.

Branch Office

Setting up a branch office in Dubai as an extension of a foreign company offers several benefits, including 100% foreign ownership and a solid presence in the region.


Mainland Company Formation

Discover the immense advantages that come with setting up a mainland business setup dubai. With ExpressPRO as your trusted partner, you can leverage these benefits to propel your business to new heights:

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Establishing a mainland company in Dubai with a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the relevant Emirate can open up a world of possibilities for businesses. Whether you specialize in industrial, commercial, trading, professional, or tourism activities, a mainland company formation in Dubai provides the flexibility to pursue your chosen field. While some professional activities may have specific regulations outlined by the DED, our team at ExpressPRO can guide you through the process and help you obtain any necessary approvals from relevant authorities.

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Essential Requirements for Sponsoring

Family Residence Visas in the UAE

If you are a resident in the UAE and wish to sponsor your family members for residence visas, there are certain key requirements that must be met. These prerequisites ensure a smooth and efficient process, allowing your loved ones to join you and enjoy a fulfilling life in the UAE. 

Here are the essential requirements:

By meeting these essential requirements, you can confidently initiate the process of sponsoring family residence visas in the UAE. Our team at ExpressPRO is dedicated to guiding you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless and successful visa application experience. Contact us today to get started and bring your family closer to you in the UAE.

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It depends on the type of company. For mainland companies, it is required that you have a resident visa or investor visa in the UAE. In case of a free zone company, since it provides 100% foreign ownership, the owners need not have a resident visa. However, the general manager of the company must reside in the UAE.

Yes. The regulating body that handles all the rental properties and services in Dubai is the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

As a mainland UAE company, you can do business with any country and trade freely. You get access to affordable rental office space as you are not geographically-limited, compared to free zone companies who are only forced to do business inside the free zones and have limited business scope.

There are four types of Business License or Trade Licenses in the UAE; Commercial License –issued to a company engaged in any kind of trading activity, Industrial License –issued to a company engaged any king of manufacturing or industrial activity, Professional License – issued to service providers, artisans, professionals and craftsmen and the last one is Tourism License – issued to travel, tourism and hospitality companies in the UAE.

All documents required for the issuance of residence visa and company registration need to be attested by the UAE embassy or consulate in the country of document origin. Furthermore, the same documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE in Dubai.

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Great efficiency and professionalism

Rated 5 out of 5
July 20, 2023

Couldn’t be happier with ExpressPRO! They handled our mainland business setup in Dubai with great efficiency and professionalism. The team was proactive and addressed all our queries promptly. Definitely recommend their services for anyone looking to start a business in Dubai.

Richard Anderson

Excellent support and guidance

Rated 5 out of 5
July 20, 2023

Amazing experience with ExpressPRO for mainland business setup! They provided excellent support and guidance throughout the entire process. The team was knowledgeable and responsive, making the whole setup process seamless. Highly recommend their services!

Michael William

Some minor delays during the setup process

Rated 3 out of 5
July 20, 2023

Our experience with ExpressPRO for mainland business setup was largely positive, as they provided us with valuable guidance and support throughout the process. However, we did encounter some minor delays during the setup process, which caused slight inconvenience. Nevertheless, the team at ExpressPRO was proactive in addressing our concerns and ensuring that all necessary steps were taken to complete the setup successfully. We appreciate their responsiveness and commitment to resolving issues promptly. We believe that improving communication and setting clear expectations can further enhance the overall experience for clients. Despite the minor hiccups, we are satisfied with the outcome and would consider working with ExpressPRO again in the future.

Arham Nasir

Five star experience working with ExpressPRO

Rated 5 out of 5
July 20, 2023

Five Stars for ExpressPRO – Smooth and Hassle-Free Mainland Company Formation in Dubai!

We had an excellent experience with ExpressPRO while setting up our mainland company in Dubai. The entire team was highly professional and knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. We are grateful for their outstanding service and expertise. Thank you, ExpressPRO!