Why a Sharjah Trade License Might Be a Great Option for Your Startup Success?

Why a Sharjah Trade License Might

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to tap into the UAE market? Sharjah might be your golden ticket. Being the third-biggest emirate, it’s like the cultural capital of the UAE – a pretty cool region to kickstart your startup journey.

With a business-friendly environment and several initiatives by the Government of Sharjah, the emirate is a fast-growing economy, providing enough opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to grow in the UAE. 

Setting up a business in Sharjah can be just as fruitful as starting in any other Emirates of the UAE. However, it is important to note that obtaining a trade license for Sharjah is a prerequisite. This license is necessary for legally setting up and operating your business in Sharjah.

In this big, busy city of Sharjah, there are many opportunities for people’s business dreams to come true! All the different paths have their special magic.

Obtaining a Sharjah Trade License may be wise if you’re considering launching a new company in the UAE. The Sharjah Government is also very supportive, providing startup resources and help that can make a difference in their success.

Apart from the government assistance, there are multiple other benefits for startups in the city. First and foremost is having access to a highly skilled workforce, which means finding qualified workers for your business is easy.

Additionally, the cost of living is very affordable compared to other emirates, making it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their finances.

Sharjah’s geographical position is also incredibly advantageous. It’s like opening up a big window for businesses – with this, they can link up not only with other emirates in the UAE but also with the whole wide world. It’s like allowing businesses to connect to more customers and boosting their shot at making it big.

Type of Sharjah Trading License

To establish a business in the Sharjah free zone, you must determine the specific business activity you plan to undertake. Here are some of the most frequently offered licenses in the Sharjah free zone:

  • Trading License : This license type is specifically granted to businesses engaged in industrial and manufacturing activities.
  • Professional Service License : This license covers a range of activities beyond industrial and manufacturing. This includes professions like consultancy, law firms, auditing, and accounting companies.
  • Industrial License : Businesses involved in manufacturing or industrial activities must obtain this license.

Why is the Sharjah Trade License a Great Option for Your Startup?

Here are a few reasons why you should think about the Sharjah trade license for your startup:

  • Ease of Business Setup : Setting up a business in Sharjah offers numerous benefits, one of the most notable being the streamlined company setup process. The Sharjah Administration has implemented highly efficient procedures that facilitate entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses swiftly and seamlessly. This simplified process takes away a lot of the paperwork hassle, freeing investors to concentrate more on what matters – running their businesses smoothly.
  • Supportive Administration : The Government of Sharjah has implemented various measures to attract foreign investors, including investor-friendly business policies and a contemporary legal system. These factors contributed to the emirate’s stable economy and emergence as a prominent business hub.  Sharjah Government is totally on board with making entrepreneurial dreams come true. They’ve set up multiple free zones, accelerators and well-planned funding initiatives that can help startups really shine.
  • Access to e-Government Services : By obtaining a trade license, you can enjoy the convenience of e-Government services like e-channel. This platform makes it easy to do all kinds of stuff online with the DED. Plus, it gives you access to other cool stuff the DED offers.
  • Legal Recognition : Picture the Sharjah Trade License as your business’s golden ticket – an official document that shouts, “Hey, we’re a legit and registered company!” Having this license adds a touch of credibility and works like a charm in building trust and confidence with your customers, vendors, and partners.
  • Access to Resources and Services : With a Sharjah Trade License, you’ll access a wide range of resources and services from the Sharjah Development Authority (DDA) and other relevant government bodies, including business registration services, marketing, and networking.
  • Tax Benefits : You’ll get great tax benefits if you get a trade license in Sharjah. You can get exemptions from corporate income tax, import taxes, export taxes, and more. This means you’ll pay less for doing business and make more money.
  • Facilitates Banking Transactions : To open a bank account in the UAE, it is essential to possess a trade license. This license enables you to engage in various banking activities, including receiving payments, making payments to suppliers, and conducting other business-related transactions.
  • Ability to Rent Commercial Properties : In Sharjah, possessing a trade license to lease commercial or industrial properties is often mandatory. By obtaining a trade license, you can secure a suitable space for conducting your business activities.
  • Diversified Economy : Sharjah is on its way to becoming a new hotspot for global business in the UAE. They have this incredible investment vibe that’s turning heads on the world stage. Sharjah’s growth story? It’s not some happy accident; it’s like they’ve got this master plan that matches up with their big dreams. And who’s pulling the strings? The government they are the unsung hero, slashing through red tape and opening up economic free zones; they’re giving businesses the VIP treatment. The result? Sharjah’s booming with growth, all thanks to these savvy moves that have businesses growing.
  • Strong Infrastructure : With its advanced infrastructure, top-notch healthcare services, and a wide range of recreational and cultural activities, Sharjah stands out as a city with an exceptional quality of life. This makes it an appealing location for local and international workers, enabling businesses to attract and retain highly skilled individuals.

How to Get a Trade License in Sharjah?

If you’re wondering how to get a trade license in Sharjah, here are the steps you must follow.

  • Figure Out Your Business Activities : First things first – Discover the diverse range of activities facilitated by your Sharjah trade license; you have a range of 10 business activities to choose from.
  • Shape Your Business Identity : It’s like choosing the superhero suit for your business – decide if you want to be an LLC, fly solo as a sole proprietorship, or join a partnership.
  • Pick a Name That Stands Out : Get creative and find a name for your business that’s as unique as you are. Ensure it’s not already taken in the UAE so you can claim it as your own.
  • Get the Green Light from the Sharjah Economic Development Department : Before starting your business adventure, get the thumbs up from the Sharjah Economic Development Department.
  • Find an Office Space : Find an office space that sparks your creativity and gets approval from the Sharjah Municipality.
  • Submit Trade License Application : Make sure to submit your trade license application along with all the necessary documents, such as the initial approval certificate and tenancy contract.
  • Pay Your License Fee : The cost of your trade license is like a membership fee to the Sharjah business club. It varies depending on the type of business you’re running and how you’ve structured it. Think of it as an investment in your entrepreneurial journey, a ticket to unlocking the vibrant Sharjah market.
  • Collect Your Trade License : Once they give you the green light, grab hold of your trade license like it’s a golden ticket to your business dreams coming true. It’s the official nod that says, “You’re in!” – the moment your entrepreneurial journey officially takes flight.

Get Your Trade License in Sharjah with ExpressPRO 

Are you thinking about starting a business journey in the UAE? Getting a Sharjah Trade License could be a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs. But let’s be real – navigating the business setup in the UAE might seem like a big mountain to climb. That’s where ExpressPRO comes in, like your friendly guide, making the whole adventure a lot less bumpy.

At ExpressPRO, we’ve got your back in identifying the suitable license for your business. Our team of expert business setup consultants is here to lend a hand in putting together all the paperwork you need to obtain a trade license. This includes drafting a comprehensive business plan, creating financial projections, and completing other necessary documentation.

Our dedicated is here to provide top-notch legal advice and expert guidance on all the ins and outs of getting your trade license in Sharjah. We’ve got your back from start to finish – helping you submit that application smoothly throughout the entire process of submitting your trade license application, ensuring that it is handled promptly and efficiently.

We’re not just your average team; once your application is in, we keep the ball rolling by checking in with the relevant authorities, ensuring that your application progresses smoothly and efficiently. And guess what? We stick around for the long haul with post-licensing services, such as renewals, amendments, or cancellations.


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