Dubai Medical Practice Setup: What Do You Need to Know?

Dubai’s growing popularity is due to the city’s many lucrative business opportunities available to locals and expats alike. In addition, the local and national governments of the country have provided significant support to numerous industries, most notably the healthcare industry, so that an effective and world-class healthcare system could emerge in the country.

Thus, potential investors from all over the world are curious about the process of establishing a medical setup in Dubai. It’s a promising market for many healthcare providers, from solo practitioners to large healthcare hospitals. Health and nutrition, exercise science, dermatology, and plastic surgery are just some of the fields that are thriving thanks to Dubai’s expanding population. However, it is possible to establish a fruitful medical practice setup in Dubai regardless of your area of expertise or specialization.

The government of Dubai is always trying to persuade doctors and healthcare companies to establish clinics and research facilities there. Compared to running a hospital, running a clinic is much simpler, which is why many choose to establish clinics rather than hospitals. When deciding where to incorporate a business in Dubai, investors have the option of either the Dubai mainland or a free zone.

As if that weren’t enough, the UAE has set aside an entire free zone DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City) for world-class medical facilities. Dubai is a fantastic place to establish a healthcare firm since you can learn from and collaborate with the world’s best medical professionals. Consequently, the UAE has rolled out clearly defined laws to assist investors in establishing their medical practice setup without hassle.

The emirate of Dubai’s affordable healthcare model and accommodating jurisdiction make it an attractive location for a new medical facility. However, prior authorization from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Department of Economic Development (DED) is required (DED). Suppose you’re planning to open a specialized clinic in Dubai. In that case, it’s a good idea to engage with a business setup services provider to get the necessary permits from the Dubai Health Authority and the Dubai Economic Department.

Why Should You Open a Medical Practice Setup in Dubai?

The city of Dubai provides a secure and welcoming atmosphere for residents and foreign investors alike, making it an ideal location for a new medical practice setup. Dubai is home to many corporations across a wide range of sectors, and that number is only growing. Because of the welcoming nature of the locals toward businesses owned by foreigners and the large number of tourists who visit Dubai each year, the city is a good location for new enterprises.

In addition, Dubai provides several attractive perks, such as tax relief, convenient locations, and straightforward company incorporation procedures. Setting up a medical clinic in Dubai comes with several different benefits and opportunities, some of which are listed below:

·         Dubai and the UAE permit complete foreign ownership of a business.

·         There is no requirement to pay income or corporate taxes.

·         Certain goods and services are exempt from customs taxes.

·         Dubai provides a choice of custom-tailored real estate options.

·         Additionally, there are several prospects for collaboration with others in the same industry area.

The Documents You Will Need to Start a Medical Practice Setup in Dubai

The following documents are required to obtain approval to register a medical practice setup in Dubai.

A legitimate medical certification issued by international agencies or the DHA. If you lack a medical degree and certification, you should appoint a medical director for your company.

·         Copies of the passports of all participants, including business partners, the local sponsor (also known as a UAE national, an Emirati partner, or a local agent), and the medical director.

·         The tourist visa/entry stamp page of each participant. You can also provide a copy of your Emirates ID and the resident visa page.

·         A Memorandum of Association (MOA) signed by all foreign partners and the local sponsor.

·         Trade name as well as the nature of the business activity. For instance, you can develop a private clinic in the cardiology, dentistry, and cosmetic surgery departments.

·         A professional license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

·         Acceptance of all licenses issued by DHA. These licenses vary for residents, interns, trainees, specialists, and primary care physicians.

How to Open a Medical Practice Setup in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

To establish a medical clinic in Dubai, one must hold a medical degree or be a Director with an appropriate qualification. Even with a foreign degree, the UAE certification process must be completed before a medical practice setup can establish in Dubai. The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) requires that all employees have appropriate levels of certification. Furthermore, fluency in written and spoken English is required.

A medical professional may only care for a single type of medical activity under UAE government laws. Suppose that expert plans to conduct a variety of medical activities in the same setting. In that case, they must possess the required qualifications and relevant work experience in those medical fields. Furthermore, authorization from the Department of Health and Human Services is required. If the DHA denies such an application, more specialists will be necessary to address the medical needs in your clinic. 

The following steps are required to open a medical practice in Dubai:

1.  Choose Your Clinic Name 

You’ll need to follow the UAE’s naming guidelines when choosing a name for your Dubai-based medical clinic. To avoid trademark copyright concerns, the name of the medical center should not be a copy of existing healthcare facilities operating in the UAE. It should adhere to naming rules and regulations specified by the UAE government. Once you’ve settled on a trading name, you can reserve it by applying from DED through their website.

2.  Get Initial Approval 

Once an investor has obtained a trade name from the DED, they must submit a second application to the DED to receive initial government approval. Applicants must submit all required documents, including a photocopy of their passport, with their application. In addition, the clinic layout must be approved by Dubai Municipality.

3.  Obtain DHA Approval 

The next step will involve obtaining approval from the Department of Healthcare Authority. It is essential to have the DHA’s stamp of approval because they are the primary governing body responsible for healthcare services in Dubai. The initial approval process could take up to 10 days.

There will be specific documentation requirements for this approval, including:

·         Copies of the passports and visas of the owner and partners.

·         Emirates ID of the owner and partners.

·         A copy of the letter reserving the facility’s trade name from the DED or free zone authority. 

·         Layout/floor plan legally approved by the municipality for the facility.

·         Proposal letter from the owner/partners or a person with legal authority.

·         Approval of an Ejari or Dubai Municipality Affection Plan.

·         DHA undertaking letter, signed by the owner/partners or a person with legal authority.

4.  Documentation Submission

Submit the Lease Agreement, the Memorandum of Association (MOA), and any other documents required to the appropriate Dubai authorities to register your medical setup in Dubai.

5.  Obtain Final Approval from the DED 

In the following stage, you will need final approval from the DED. You must submit a copy of your company’s initial approval and the registration fee. After the DED verifies these documents, the trader license will be issued. The required documents are:

·         A NOC from the owner is required to assign a Medical Director.

·         An official trade license from the DED or a free zone authority.

·         Healthcare professionals and the medical director’s list

·         A valid building contract

6.  Obtain Your DHA Medical  

After completing the above procedures, you can apply for your medical license through the DHA. You’ll need to register an account on the DHA website and upload your clinic’s business plan, lease, and the names and contact information of all the doctors and consultants working there. After all required documents have been verified, you will be issued a license to establish a medical practice setup in Dubai.

Open Your Medical Practice Setup in Dubai with ExpressPRO 

The Dubai government is taking significant steps to provide the best healthcare facilities and striving to make Dubai Healthcare City the healthcare hub of the world. Their commitment to providing its residents with the best medical centers and public and private hospitals is commendable.

Working with several Dubai authorities and submitting a variety of documents is required to establish a functional medical facility in the city. Inconsistencies in the information or missing or incorrect documentation might hold up an entire group’s incorporation. If you need more help opening a medical practice in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact ExpressPRO.

You can rely on us to streamline the procedure since we are the go-to platform for business setup assistance and have genuine relationships with the proper authorities. In addition to assisting with documents, we also assist entrepreneurs in locating the ideal location for their establishment.