How to be a successful entrepreneur: 14 tips for building your business

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Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet – these are just some of the names you’ve probably heard from people when asked about successful entrepreneurs. Next thing you’ll likely wonder is how they were able to get to where they are.

All the famous entrepreneurs you’ve read about had to start somewhere. If you want to walk the same path, here are some tips to get you started. Learn the different steps and skills in entrepreneurship to build the foundation for your success.

Prep Yourself.

The most important thing you need to ask before you dive into any venture is: Are you ready? If you answered with a 100% yes, nothing can stop you from pursuing a path to entrepreneurship. If you think you’re not ready yet, there’s nothing wrong with that. Truthfully, no one is ever ready to start and run their own business. It’s a learning process. However, your commitment to starting your venture can make a difference.

Start with a Good Mindset.

Successful entrepreneurs are go-getters. If you want to be successful, you have to think it. While it’s good to acknowledge the risks that come with running your own business, a positive mindset helps you build the resilience needed for your entrepreneurial journey. With positive thinking, you can envision what you want to achieve for your business and act on it later.

Have an Idea? Write it Down.

The stories of top entrepreneurs often start with the same thing: an idea. Consider Steve Jobs, for example. His vision was to harness technology that's easy to use, which led to the creation of Apple. If you think your idea has a purpose, write it down. This will be the starting point of your roadmap to successful entrepreneurship.

Address a Need.

The best business ideas are those that solve problems. You want your product or service to have a purpose, and this entails addressing the needs of your potential customers. Look at a key problem in the market and see how you can form your idea to address that.

Define Your Goals.

An idea forms the core of what you want to achieve for your business; your goals shape it. From the very start, set SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. Without goals, it can be challenging to determine the direction you want your business to take. Setting goals doesn’t only help you look at the end, but also identify the means to get there. This helps you align your decisions with your key objectives.

Build Your Connections.

Part of entrepreneurship is about building bridges with people who can contribute to your success – whether it’s potential business partners or customers. You’ll meet these people in different places, such as industry events and conferences. However, it’s also important that you actively seek out people you want to connect with. Start with LinkedIn or Facebook groups to reach out to people who can be a part of your professional network.

Find Your Niche.

Aspiring entrepreneurs often dream big and aim to cast a wide net. However, catering to everyone may not always be the best case. You need to find a specific target audience before expanding to a wider one. Start by identifying a niche you’re familiar with – it can be from your previous work experience, or a niche where you have personal connections who can be your first clients. Knowing your niche makes it easier to identify the problems you want to address as you build your products or services.

Learn Some Marketing Hacks.

A successful entrepreneur knows the value of what they offer, and this translates to how you market your products or services. Take time to learn about traditional and digital marketing strategies. Know how to position yourself against the competition.

Have the Desire to Grow.

The journey for success doesn’t stop. This is what makes successful entrepreneurs go the extra mile, not just to grow their business but also to keep their customers happy. The moment you stop having the desire to grow is the moment you become complacent, which is the number one deterrent for a successful entrepreneur. Stay proactive and keep yourself open to opportunities.

Build Your Brand.

Branding helps your customers easily recognise your business. It’s all about identifying what makes potential customers choose you from the others – your differentiator. Start with choosing a business name and logo, and then move into developing your value propositions. Think of the different channels where you can promote your brand.

Prepare Yourself for Potential Risks.

Diving into entrepreneurship entails an understanding that risks may happen. You may not be 100% sure of what might happen in your venture, but you can learn how to mitigate some of the risks. If you’ve set your goals and have a roadmap, it’s important to have another plan that goes with these.

Learn the Art of Selling Value.

This relates to tip #4. Entrepreneurship is often alluded to sales, but don’t simply be the hard salesperson that everyone avoids. Learn how to offer value. Offering value is a question of “What can my customers get out of doing business with me?” If you nail this question, you’re not simply addressing a problem for your customers, but also building the desire to make them come back for more.

Know How to Retain Clients.

Good entrepreneurs know how to take care of their clients. Good client relations can build the foundation for your business and help you scale. Don’t just focus on pitching to potential customers; make sure you give attention to your existing ones, as well.

Never stop learning.

Disciplined entrepreneurship involves finding ways to improve yourself. Make time to build on your expertise. Read books from people that inspire you and see how you can ingrain their values to your business. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a culmination of hard work, skill improvement, and dedication to your business. Keep these tips in mind as you start your journey to entrepreneurship.

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