How to set up a Food Truck Business in Dubai

The food scene in Dubai is garnering a growing amount of attention from travellers all around the world. There is a wide range of dining options in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), from fine restaurants to more casual options like the food trucks that have become increasingly popular in Dubai.

Due to their inexpensive startup costs and greater flexibility, food trucks are an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking to enter Dubai’s thriving restaurant sector. Furthermore, with the assistance of a local company formation specialist, launching a food truck business may be accomplished rapidly and with no hassle.

In Dubai, starting a food truck business can be lucrative for those seeking quick financial success. This has led to an increase in the number of applications for licenses to operate mobile kitchens for food trucks in Dubai. The potential ideas for food trucks are virtually endless in terms of themes and cuisines.

There are a few obstacles to entry into this emerging segment of the culinary industry. The food trucks are dispersed across the country calculatedly, maximizing their exposure to potential customers. Find out more about getting your food truck up and running in Dubai and how to launch your business.

The Procedure for Obtaining a Food Truck License in Dubai

The initial investment required to launch a food truck business in the United Arab Emirates is far lower than that of a traditional restaurant. It’s been shown that food trucks have a substantially higher ROI than restaurants do. You can get a food truck by renting or buying one outright.

The cost of renting a virtual place is typically lower than renting a physical site, such as a storefront. It paves the way for greater freedom and flexibility in the workplace. You won’t be confined to a single marketplace since there are now numerously available to you across the city.

The following steps will help you start a successful food truck business in Dubai:

1.  Commercial Vehicle Selection

When launching a food truck business, the first step is to choose a suitable truck or commercial vehicle. According to the options you’ve selected, a commercial truck of at least 18 feet in length is required.

Buying a used truck instead of a brand-new one can help you save money in the short term. Different bodywork shops will charge you extra, but they will customize an older commercial vehicle to your specifications.

2.  Get DED Approval for Your Business Plan 

It would be best if you had a solid business plan and submitted it in writing to the Dubai Economic Department (DED) and the Dubai Municipality before you can go ahead and acquire a food truck and start planning your menu. Your business plan’s essential components are your idea, strategy, and projected costs. Your business plan must persuade authorities that your food truck idea is viable.

Your business plan needs to outline the steps to launch and grow your company, including where you will scale up and manage the company. It’s essential to consider the potential risks your company faces from regulations and market fluctuations. In addition, you should have a plan for emergency savings in case of cash flow issues.

Business strategies in the UAE require more in-depth research than is typical in other countries. If you want to set yourself up for success, submit a document that is complete. When delivering financial information, it is crucial to be as specific and honest as possible.

3.  Obtain HACCP Approval for Your Dubai Food Truck

Owners of food trucks in Dubai must hold two certifications verifying that their businesses adhere to Dubai’s health and safety standards.

First, you must get your central kitchen’s layout certified as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) compliant. This is a necessary piece of paper for food truck owners who perform on-site food preparation. Second, you’ll need to have your food truck’s layout, and design plans officially approved.

With HACCP certification, you may rest easy knowing that the products you plan to sell are safe for human consumption. It centers on figuring out what could go wrong with a product and then doing everything in one’s power to prevent that from happening. Lastly, regarding food quality and following rules and regulations, consumer safety is of utmost importance in the UAE. 

The government requires HACCP certifications before approving a business. You won’t be able to begin trading until you have all of these approvals in place. Consult with industry-leading business setup consultants in Dubai to ensure you’re doing things the right way.

4.  Choose the Right Location For your Food Truck 

Take your time researching and organizing. Conduct a search throughout the city for potential places, and find out who the landowners are. Popular eating venues in Dubai tend to fill up quickly, so you’ll need to be on your toes whenever a new pop-up event, market, or fair starts.

Spaces are often scarce, and private entities hold the vast majority. Getting involved in the local community, making connections, meeting landlords, and staying abreast of urban renewal and development are essential. With this, you have a better chance of snagging a prime spot in an area where you have the edge over the competition.

Don’t forget to leave your vehicle in a visible open area where it won’t be in the way of commuters. Furthermore, a hefty commercial vehicle may be overkill, so starting with a smaller, lighter model is recommended. Quickly securing a prime position is essential to establish your food truck as a mainstay in a given area before competing vendors do.

5.  Get Your License and Start Your Food Truck Business in Dubai 

A few things must be prepared in advance to apply for a food truck license. You’ll need an approved layout plan, a central kitchen that complies with health regulations, and a winning business strategy to open a food truck business in Dubai. If you stay on top of things, you can get to business in no time.

Purchase a vehicle that has been built in accordance with regulations set forth by the relevant authorities. Choosing the right vehicle for usage as a food truck is essential. Your kitchen needs a reliable vehicle that can withstand high temperatures and adequately ventilate. The vehicle should be a commercial truck.

Food trucks are just rolling advertisements that provide food. It will serve as a powerful promotional instrument for your company in Dubai. You can customize the food truck however you like with paint and decorations. Ensure that it stands out by using vivid colors and a striking design that reflects the type of cuisine and atmosphere you offer.

Utilize your food truck to its full potential. Due to their widespread applicability, food trucks provide a promising business opportunity. Your food truck business will thrive at events like music festivals, real estate open houses, concerts, sports games, neighborhood gatherings, and street fairs.

Social networking sites are also highly recommended for promoting your food truck. Promoting your Dubai food truck using social media is a great idea, especially at the beginning of your business’s life cycle. Share the menu, daily offers, and location changes with your customers.

After you have received your food truck license, bought a vehicle, and found a fantastic location, all that is left to do is prepare and cook the excellent food you will be selling from your food truck.

6.  Buy Kitchen Equipment and Raw Materials for your Food Truck 

Microwaves, freezers, refrigerators, juicer mixers, grillers, steamers, work tables, exhaust equipment, a stove, generators, or large batteries with an inverter are the mainstays of a food truck’s kitchen. It’s best to invest in brand-new equipment because a warranty covers it for an entire year and because you won’t have to worry about the ongoing expense of maintaining them.

In addition to necessary kitchenware, you’ll also need to stock up on ingredients to last for at least the first week of operation. It’s also wise to buy fewer raw materials in the beginning, to keep it fresh and then buy more after seeing how well it sells.

Get Professional Help to set up a Food Truck Business in Dubai

Dubai, like the rest of the UAE generally, has a thriving food truck scene thanks to the population boom and the widespread appeal of eating out in the fresh air while enjoying delicious street food. If you enter the market now, you’ll be part of its exciting early stages of development. With the right idea and location, you may build a successful company that can grow to include more areas or types of catering.

However, the license application procedure can initially seem intimidating, especially to newbies. If you want to get DED and HACCP clearances with as little fuss as possible, it’s wise to contact a business setup specialists that speaks Arabic and understands the system.

As discussed earlier, this can be a complicated procedure, especially for people unfamiliar with doing business in Dubai. That’s why it’s wise to team up with a business formation expert like ExpressPRO, who can handle everything on your behalf. Among these are filing for necessary visas, establishing a corporate bank account, and getting your license. With ExpressPRO, you only need to provide us with a few pieces of information and some supporting documentation, and we’ll handle the rest.