Investor Visa Dubai: Benefits, Costs, and Procedures

Dubai has consistently been regarded as one of the world’s most coveted destinations for both professional and personal growth. In comparison to other cities of comparable size, Dubai’s ingenuity, economic development, and the standard of living enjoyed by its residents are outstanding.

As a result of the UAE’s flourishing economy and business-friendly environment, entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe are attracted to it. The UAE provides a particular class of visa for such visitors, referred to as a Dubai investor visa, which is available to anyone seeking to establish or expand businesses in free zones or on the mainland. However, the visa application procedure may differ slightly from emirate to emirate.

Dubai is a well-known destination for international entrepreneurs and investors, owing to its focus on economic growth. Dubai’s government is proactively attempting to improve the economy and standard of living, and as a result, has implemented laws and regulations, including the Dubai investor visa regulations, to incentivize and favor entrepreneurs and investors.

What is a Dubai Investor Visa? 

Several different categories of visas are available in the UAE, each catering to a specific set of circumstances. The Investor Visa is a subset of the available visa types. UAE investor visas, also known as Dubai partner and business visas, are awarded to foreign nationals who have formed businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

With a Dubai Investor Visa, business owners have the opportunity to not only work and reside in the UAE but also to sponsor members of their families. The visa has a validity period of up to three years.

How does an Investor Visa Differ from Partner Visa? 

Even though some people may use the phrases investor visa and UAE partner visa interchangeably, there is an essential structural distinction between the two types of visas.

When a business owner establishes a sole proprietorship in Dubai, he or she is eligible to apply for a Dubai investor visa. This business category has only one owner and does not involve any shareholders or partners. For instance, if you construct a mainland firm in Dubai that has a professional trade license and operates as the sole establishment, the visa that you receive will be referred to as the UAE Investor Visa.

But if an entrepreneur’s mainland Dubai business has many shareholders or owners, then that entrepreneur may apply for a Dubai partner visa. For instance, under UAE legislation, if you want to set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) on the Dubai mainland, you’ll need to find a local sponsor. Because your company will have many shareholders, you will be eligible for a partner visa in this case.

Types of Dubai Investor Visa

There are several distinct classifications of investor visas that can be obtained in the UAE. Here is a summary of the available options.

Real Estate Investor Visa

This category of investor visa category is reserved for real estate investors with an existing property portfolio and seeking to expand it in the UAE. Each visa can be used for either three or five years. After your initial three-year visa expires, you’ll be eligible to apply for a more extended five-year visa. In Dubai’s growing real estate market, apartments, mansions, and beach villas are offered at steep discounts.

1. The company investor visa

There are two different kinds of company investor visas. The first option is the five-year visa, which necessitates an investment of at least five million UAE Dirhams. Investors looking for additional diversification opportunities in the UAE have a few other choices. The government of the UAE offers these choices as part of a series of incentive schemes meant to entice investors to the country.

2. Long-Term Residence Visa

Even if acquiring permanent residency is not precisely the easiest thing in the UAE to do, you can apply for long-term visas. Long-term residency is available to those with significant financial resources. Extraordinary talent, exceptional skills, and scientific knowledge are also acceptable criteria. This is the standard procedure for famous people and athletes to obtain residency in the UAE for an extended period.

3. Retirement Visa

Individuals over 60 who are retired and interested in experiencing the comfort and luxury of the United Arab Emirates are also eligible for this unique visa scheme. To qualify for this visa, you’ll need proof that you have either deposited or will be investing at least AED 1 million into a UAE bank account or real estate purchase.

A further requirement is an annual income of at least AED 180,000. If you only get money from investments, you will have to show that your pension investment fund gives you at least AED 20,000 per month..

4. UAE Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates has just launched a new investor visa type, the Golden Visa. This visa is also for investors; however, it lasts for five years rather than two (or 10 in some cases). To qualify for such a visa in Dubai, foreigners must invest at least AED 10 million into the local economy. These funds can be invested in several ways, including:

  • Investment fund deposit of more than 10 million UAE Dirhams.
  • A business with a capital of more than AED 10 million, either in a free zone or on the mainland of the UAE.
  • The total investment in the abovementioned structures is greater than 10 million UAE Dirhams.

This money should not be borrowed to invest it; it should remain in the country for at least three years. All of the following criteria are for a single individual. Each investor must put in more than AED 10 million to qualify as a partner.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining a Dubai Investor Visa?  

The most straightforward path to obtaining an investment visa in Dubai is forming a mainland Dubai company. Upon establishing a business in Dubai, you will either become the company’s sole proprietor or a shareholder.

To apply for an investor visa with the Dubai Immigration Department, you must incorporate your business and submit the required documents.

  • Your passport copy.
  • Your picture with white background.
  • Your trade license copy.
  • An attested copy of the company’s Memorandum of Association (if it is a partnership) or Local Service Agent Agreement (if it is a sole proprietorship). 
  • Copy of the company’s establishment card.
  • A copy of your visitor’s or tourist’s visa.
  • For LLCs, a copy of the constituent agreement is required.
  • In the case of companies outside free zones, a copy of the partnership agreement is required.

Your application for an investment visa in Dubai will consist of the following steps:

Obtaining an investor visa will be simple if you use expert company formation services. But if you need a quick reference, these are the measures you need to take to obtain a Dubai Investor Visa.

  • Obtaining your entry permit to the UAE (if you are outside the country), entering the UAE, and changing your visa status there.
  • Get your company registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DED).
  • Obtaining your company’s establishment card.
  • An in-country visa status change is required if you are already in the UAE.
  • To obtain a medical fitness test, visit any government health center. A medical center will perform an X-ray exam and multiple blood tests as part of this procedure.
  • Emirates ID application.
  • Choosing the right health insurance plan.
  • Your passport will be stamped with an investor visa.

The investor visa application process can take 10 to 20 business days. This covers the time necessary to register your new business setup in Dubai, obtain your trade license, complete the procedure of applying for a visa, and have your investor visa stamped in your passport.

Alternative Method to Obtain a Dubai Investor Visa

Another option for obtaining an investment visa in Dubai does not involve forming a new business entity. Providing the Dubai Municipality with evidence of your investments in Dubai is all you require to fulfill these criteria.

The Dubai Municipality will initiate a file with the UAE Government’s Economic Department if your application satisfies the requirements established by the UAE Government. Afterward, you can apply for a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Dubai Municipality with the help of the reference file number issued by the Economic Department. This NOC is required when applying for an investor visa in Dubai and should be presented at the immigration office.

You should know that the government authorities reviewing your application have the final say in determining whether or not your request is granted.

Benefits of Dubai Investor Visa 

A long list of advantages accompanies the UAE’s investment visa. The following is a brief explanation of the many reasons why you should think about investing in the UAE.

1. A Gateway to Dubai

Regarding economic development, Dubai is among the world’s top cities. In Dubai, you’ll find anything and everything you could want. The city has everything, from beachside resorts to marina residences and megamalls. Even though it has already established a world-class infrastructure, Dubai is still expanding. The city, thus, offers a wealth of opportunities.

2. Tax-Free Environment

The United Arab Emirates has meager taxes. Over 70 double-taxation avoidance agreements have been signed by the UAE with countries worldwide. To put it another way, you won’t be required to pay any taxes if you have an investor visa.

3. You Can Sponsor Your Family

You can sponsor members of your immediate family to move to the United Arab Emirates if you have an investment visa. Your spouse, your children, and your parents are all considered to be immediate family members.

4. Travel Convenience

If you have a Dubai investor visa, it will be pretty simple for you to go to any other GCC country, whether for business or vacation. The investor status makes it easier to acquire a travel visa for specific regions, which helps to speed up the process. The same level of convenience cannot be assured with an employment visa.

5. Safe and Secure Environment

Compared to other countries, the United Arab Emirates ranks highly for security. Everything about life in Dubai and its surrounding areas is luxurious, comfortable, and peaceful. There are no public disturbances like riots or revolutions that you would encounter in Europe or the United States. Because of this, the UAE is an excellent location to put your hard-earned money into investments.

6. Long Term Residency

You can improve your chances of qualifying for the UAE Golden Visa by obtaining an investment visa and establishing a prosperous business in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) introduced the Golden Visa, a 10-year residency visa, in 2019 to reward investors and entrepreneurs for fostering corporate growth in the country.

Cost of Dubai Investor Visa 

As we just discussed, there is a wide variety of investment visas. These visas have slightly different requirements than others. The investment requirements for a property investor visa are between AED 750,000 and AED 1 million, whereas the requirements for a business investor visa are higher.

Costs associated with obtaining this visa from the government will vary depending on the location of your intended investment. You may be able to invest at a discounted rate in certain economic zones.

Generally, one should have a minimum refundable deposit of AED 10,000 and shares worth more than AED 70,000. Your money will be returned to you once your visa has expired or been canceled. However, if your investment portfolio is less than AED 70,000, you may still be eligible for an investor visa. However, you need to submit an AED 20,000 deposit to the government.

Get Your UAE Investor Visa! 

If obtaining United Arab Emirates citizenship seems unlikely, the investor visa in Dubai is a great alternative. This visa is a valuable resource for business owners and entrepreneurs interested in setting up businesses in Dubai.

It’s the most innovative approach to diversifying your investment portfolio and taking advantage of Dubai’s tax-free environment. It is always recommended to seek assistance from reputable and knowledgeable Dubai investor visa services to ensure a smooth application process. If you try to handle every step of the procedure on your own, it could quickly become overwhelming. On top of that, you would be wasting time on the procedure that could have been used better in running the firm or making important decisions.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ExpressPRO has been the go-to solution for company creation, visa procedures, and other administrative tasks. Get your Dubai Investor Visa quickly and easily with our reliable and dedicated assistance. If you are seeking a reputable firm to help you get an investor visa in Dubai, please contact us immediately.


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