The Complete Guide to Starting a Construction Company in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an exciting travel destination due to its breathtaking skyscrapers and modern architecture. The country offers potential investors a favorable tax climate and many business opportunities. The building industry in the UAE has experienced extraordinary expansion, and Dubai maintains its position as the second-largest construction sector in the world.

As a result, this is a great time to launch a construction company in Dubai. Additionally, you receive adequate support from the governing bodies, ensuring investors and business aspirants have access to the right resources and approvals.

The construction industry has benefited from the tourism industry’s persistent spending. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is widely recognized as a global leader in architectural innovation. Numerous massive building projects are planned for Dubai’s future. As a result, there are many avenues to successfully launch a construction firm.

UAE Construction Business Opportunities

One industry that brings in the most revenue in Dubai is the building and construction sector. Burj al Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, and Marina 101, the world’s tallest residential complex, are located in this region. Some other outstanding Dubai buildings are the Princess Tower and the Burj al-Arab. Regarding skyscraper construction in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, Dubai is unmatched.

The government is actively pursuing several development projects that contribute to the growth of the tourism sector. Dubai’s construction industry has benefited from the city’s many recent man-made developments, such as Maritime City, Palm Jumeirah Island, Deira Island, etc. The government has other investment plans to enhance the transportation network as well. There are many opportunities for construction firms in the region, and two prime examples are the expansion projects at Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The potential reward for entrepreneurs that enter this field is enormous. With the appropriate information and assistance, you may start accepting contracts in the UAE within weeks, thanks to the country’s tested immigration, relocation, and company formation procedures.

Construction Company Setup in the UAE: Steps to Follow

A substantial amount of documentation is required to create a construction company in the UAE. To run a legitimate construction business, you’ll also need several permits and licenses.

ExpressPRO makes the company formation procedure quick, affordable, and accessible. Following an initial discussion, during which your needs will be determined, our designated associate will walk you through the subsequent steps. Here is a detailed description of how to proceed:

1.  Choose the Name of Your Company

The first step in starting a business is picking a name. Some rules must be followed for business names in Dubai. Neither obscene language nor the terms of well-known organizations are permitted. If you are going to name your firm after yourself, you need to steer clear of abbreviations.

2.  Identify the Location and Structure of the Company

One of the most important choices to make when starting a construction firm in Dubai is whether or not to register the business on the mainland or in a free zone. To launch a business on the continent, you must have a local partner who owns 51 percent or more of the company’s shares. In contrast, setting up a corporation in a free zone does not necessitate the involvement of a local sponsor and grants you 100% ownership. Think about the benefits and drawbacks of each possible business structure before making a final decision.

3.  Obtain Your License 

Each free zone has its jurisdiction authority. Therefore, you need to approach the relevant authorities if you want to apply for a construction license in one of the free zones. If you wish to use it for an appointment on the mainland, you must contact the Department of Economic Development (DED). A commercial license is required to start a construction company. Furthermore, various forms of authorization are required for business depending on the nature of the enterprise. Before applying for a license, it’s a good idea to list everything you want to do.

4.  Obtain the Building Permit

It’s essential to have the building permit allowance for different company operations in Dubai before you apply for a license for your construction firm. The process of obtaining a building permit is not simple; therefore, you will need the help of civil engineers and UAE-based business setup experts. Regarding getting your business up and running in the United Arab Emirates, ExpressPRO is one of the best consulting firms to contact for help. We will ensure that you have all of the required permits and licenses.

5.  Obtain Other Necessary Licenses and Approvals

The building permit isn’t the only approval a UAE construction firm needs from the authorities before breaking ground. A G+1 license is required for setting up a business in a free zone, while this license grants the same privileges to companies based on the mainland. Other essential licenses include steel construction, building maintenance, and others.

6.  Be Aware of your Limitations and Provisions

Any company operating in a given country must adhere to the local government’s laws and regulations. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a thriving business ecosystem thanks to its cutting-edge infrastructure, business-friendly regulations, and government programs. However, you need to be aware of the restrictions of your building license to avoid breaking any rules. The company formation specialists in Dubai will explain what you may do and what you should avoid if you want a successful construction business here.

7.  Open a Corporate Bank Account and Manage Visas

Obtaining an investor visa in Dubai is straightforward if you have substantial investment capital. If this is not the case, there is no need for concern on your part. All that is required of you is to apply for a visa per the laws that govern such matters. You can get visas for your loved ones, employees, and others depending on your needs. When you’re ready, you can establish a business account with the bank that best suits your construction company’s operations and transactions.

Setting up a Construction Business in Dubai Requires the Following Approvals

The following approvals from the government authorities are required once you have acquired all the necessary licenses and permits:

  The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority is required to get all the company’s basic amenities.

  • To obtain a building permit, the contractor must submit the design drawings of the proposed building to the appropriate authority.
  • Obtaining an environmental license from the relevant authority.
  • To gain access to the road and internal road network for transportation, you will need a permit from the Roads and Transport Authority.
  • To gain access to the road and internal road network for transportation, you will need a permit from the Roads and Transport Authority.
  • To gain access to the road and internal road network for transportation, you will need a permit from the Roads and Transport Authority.
  • Approval is required from the appropriate authority to dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Obtaining permits from Dubai government agencies regarding utilities, such as the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) for water, electricity, and sewage, and Etisalat for telecommunications.
  • No objection certificate from Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) for Dubai Airports Company.
  • For a building to be occupied, a Building Completion Certificate needs to be obtained.       


How Can ExpressPRO Help You Setup Your Construction Company in Dubai, UAE? 

In Dubai, there is no experience like being an entrepreneur. The combination of business-friendly regulations and robust competitiveness makes it an ideal location to launch a successful construction firm. ExpressPRO has a devoted staff ready to assist business owners and investors interested in establishing a construction company in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

When establishing a successful construction company in the UAE, our legal advisers and consultants are second to none. Whether you need documentation prepared, office space rented, or additional permissions granted, we can accomplish it all quickly and efficiently. We offer all this and more at affordable rates, keeping your financial stability a top priority.

Get in touch with us if you want to start or register a construction company in Dubai but don’t know where to begin in terms of acquiring the necessary approvals and licenses.